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Alzheimer’s Disease
Antibodies and Peptides for Your Research: Beta-amyloids, Synuclein, ApoE, Tau, Presenilin-1
Catalog Proteins
Recombinant Proteins for Your Research: BDNF, FGF-a, G-CSF, IFN-g, IL-10, MIF, TNF-alpha
Infectious Diseases
Detection Tools for Viral and Bacterial Agents: AIDS, Hepatitis, Influenza, SARS
CD Marker Antibodies
Simple Labels for Complex Cellular Programs: CD4, CD8, CD31, CD34, CD45, CD68
Phospho-Specific Antibodies
Antibodies for Accurate Detection of Phosphorylated Proteins: Synuclein, Beta-catenin, Elk-1, GluR1
TACL – Total Control Antibody Lysates
The Best Step Toward Your Validation Goal: The most comprehensive collection of gene specific over-expression mammalian lysates

Custom Services

Custom Polyclonal and Monoclonal Antibody Production is offered in mice, rats, rabbits, goats and llamas.

Custom Peptide Synthesis is offered with a numerous choice of peptide modification to fit your assay.

Abbiotec™ - From Biology to Discovery™

The sequencing of the human genome is considered as one of the most important milestone of the century reached by the Life Science research community. Biologists have estimated the total number of genes at 25,000. Now, the annotated human genome sequence creates a range of new possibilities for biomedical research and permits a more systematic approach to proteomics.

A concerted effort on the human proteome would certainly generate probes for identifying new targets for therapeutics. As researchers are focusing their efforts on determining the biological functions, interactions and regulation of the encoded proteins, Abbiotec is dedicated to developing cell biology-based research tools that assist scientific discoveries.