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Abbiotec, LLC launches Lipodin™, a new protein transfection reagent product line

March 17, 2008


Media Contact: Hervé Le Calvez, Ph.D.
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San Diego, CA – Abbiotec, LLC has released Lipodin™, a new protein transfection reagent product line. Lipodin™ is a lipid-based formulation that transports biologically active peptides, proteins and antibodies directly into living cells. Lipodin-Pro™ is a generic formulation for all-purpose protein transfection whereas Lipodin-Ab™ is a special formulation optimized for antibody delivery.

“We are very excited to make the Lipodin™ product line available for researchers. Protein delivery is an innovative field that skips the molecular biology part of your research to go straight to the biological effect of your protein of interest on cells. With Lipodin-Pro™ and Lipodin-Ab™, we have reached a user-friendly format and a transfection efficiency that no other kit has reached before. I am sure that numerous neuroscientists will be excited at our achieved transfection efficiency with primary neurons” said founder and CEO, Dr. Hervé Le Calvez.

Lipodin-Pro™ and Lipodin-Ab™ protein transfection kits are available in two formats, 25 and 100 reactions. The kits include a positive control and a comprehensive instruction manual.

Abbiotec is a company focused on developing and commercializing next generation antibodies and reagents using advanced and proprietary technologies. Abbiotec’s customers will have access to new tools and services that will assist them in the further understanding of human biology and disease at the cellular and molecular levels, with the hope of ultimately finding cures for human diseases.


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